William IX Duke of Aquitaine

There has been a lot of interest on what drew me into the alternative rock genre, and there are many answers.

Like many other people, I was drawn in from music, movies, TV shows, literature, and history!

But a big part of what drew me to an Alternative Rock style and theme is simply it’s in my blood.

😎 I blame it on my family

⏳ It started back in 1071 with William IX Duke of Aquitaine – the first medieval musical Troubador in world history [picture of him above] … he was my great great great great [yawn it just goes on and on] relative … a direct “long ago” relative!

🎹 Fast forward to a more recent time and there was my grandfather Pritchard who played concerts to raise money to build the church he attended. ⛪

Then there’s my oldest brother Gordon [in the below photo] – he played a Gibson Les Paul in a rock band in the 70s and I would sit beside his guitar stack soaking up the sound as a young boy.

I’m still amazed my hearing was damaged! 🎸

Blame it on my brother Gordon

🎶I’ve played music all my life too – never could stop it.

I didn’t always appreciate being “just another musician” in a long history. It is something quite profound.

I’ve realised we’re all part of a greater journey with threads of talent running through our family lines.